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Stock Tips from External Experts

TradersCockpit initiative for Stock Market Experts to showcase their knowledge. TradersCockpit provides the platform to the External Experts using which they can connect with the traders/retailers, who are looking for winning Trade ideas, Stock and Share Tips. Any registered user of TradersCockpit can follow and monitor the External Experts FREE trading calls. If you wish to receive FREE SMS trade alerts of the External Experts, please subscribe to alerts below.

TradersCockpit platform tracks the external expert performance and gives you the insights.
Please Note: You need to pay directly to the External Expert if you want to subscribe to their services.

Disclaimer : TradersCockpit does not endorse and neither has any vested interest in the external experts tips. It is their individual calls. They are not working directly/in-directly with TradersCockpit. They are users of TradersCockpit TIP based framework. TradersCockpit creates and assigns Trading/Strategy systems and Screeners for their Paid clients. TradersCockpit does not give any Stock Tip.
If you think you have the knowledge to be classified as an Expert, Explore our TIP Based Framework now and get started. Directly get paid by the users.

If you want TradersCockpit Experts to create Trading System/Strategies for your needs , write to us at or call us at +91-8050502121 now. Check out Subscription plans now !!