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Realtime CandleStick Patterns

Realtime update for 1 day Candle, Data Last Received at: 24/07/2014 05:48:10
Tick Type
Pattern Name
As on: 23/07/2014 15:55:00
Stocks Volume (In Millions) 52 Week
Nifty 7795.75
Bank Nifty 15463.0
Advanced: 413 Declined:743 413.96Volume of Stocks Price Moving Upwards 387.4Volume of Stocks Price Moving Downwards Highs: 75 Lows: 9
+ 28.21 0.36%
+ 36.2 0.23%
NOTE: CandleSticks pattern for RealTime Day Tick for the current day will be calculated only after 2PM.
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# means CandleStick Pattern's trend has been verified.
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