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TIP/Knowledge Sharing Framework for the Experts (Financial Services)

If you have the knowledge to be classified as a Stock Market Expert, than you are at the right place.
TradersCockpit TIP/Knowledge sharing framework allows you to share your trading tips and recommendation with your paid/free subscribers through SMS, Email and Web.

Are your needs Similar ?
  • Want to grow your Customer base ?
  • Want to share your Trade Ideas & Tips with your existing customers in real time ?
  • Do not want to make Huge capex investment on Technology or Infrastructure?
  • Need to connect to your Customers more efficiently?
  • Want to Earn by sharing your knowledge ?
  • Want to increase your revenues and net Profits?
  • Manage and Track your Trading Tips and Recommendations.
  • Want to provide more Value in your offering to your customers, Want to back up your Trading Tips with Strong Research?

Write to us at connect @ for the FREE TRAIL . You can also Call us at +91-8050502121 for any queries. Our Solutions are equally beneficial if you are managing 5 Customers or managing thousands of Customers.

Some of the Key Features of our Offerings :

  • Co-Branded Solution - All the users screens will have a Co-Branded offering i.e your Logo and TradersCockpit Logo. The idea is we provide all the information and you tell your customers what is relevant as per their needs.
  • User and Package Management - Extensive but easy to use User and Package Management features. You decide what all packages you want to create for your users as per your Business needs for e.g. MultiBagger Package, Intra Day Package etc.. and which user should have access to which package.
  • Tips/Recommendation Management - You will be able to add/close a trade recommendation to your existing packages. Automatically all your users will be notified through Email and SMS as per their package access.
  • Insightful Reports - Support for User level, package level and Tip level. You control what you want to share with your clients. Custom reporting can be done on request basis.
  • Increase your reach - Market yourself to Thousands of TradersCockpit users, you can do this by sharing your knowledge and Strategy which other users would like to follow and connect with you.
  • More value for your Customers - Advanced Screeners, Technical tools and Strategy Engine
  • Pricing - We leave to you on how much you want to charge your customers.