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F&O Realtime Live 1 Min Intraday Chart

We have launched real-time live 1 minute F&O (Futures and Options) Intraday charts and as a special one time offer, we are offering you 1 minute F&O Intraday charts for Rs 4500 per annum(Inclusive of service tax)  

For those, who have forgotten password, can retrieve it by clicking here.

For more information: Call us on +91-8050502121 OR +91-8088920016 OR +91-9035801313 or write to us

Key Features of the Chart Application :

  • You can deploy from 60 + Number of built-in indicators
  • You can customise each indicator.
  • You can add upto 9 indicators for displaying below the price chart at the same time
  • You can add multiple indicators of the same kind (with different parameters) at the same time
  • You can draw the trendline and formations on the chart
  • You can draw parallel lines ( for easy drawing of trend channels etc.) on the chart to see breakouts.
  • You can see charts in Intraday 1/5/5/30/60 min as well as daily, weekly and monthly
  • You can see charts in line, bar as well as in candlestick forms as per your choice
  • You can see Pivot Points, Support and Resistance levels, Fibonacci and Regular Retracements on the charts
  • You can place comments on charts
  • You can set different colors for individual objects drawn on charts (indicators, candles, moving averages, trendlines, retracement levels, text etc.)
  • You can open Chart in another window making it full scale maximised chart.
  • You can view colour coded Volume bars
  • You can move your mouse over the chart and get interactive information display on chart for various parameters
  • Get Automatic buy and sell signals for several built-in indicators
  • As well as Support and Resistance Fractals display on EOD Chart
  • You have option to save and restore studies and objects drawn on charts (trendlines, levels, text etc.)
  • Once Saved, Automatic loading of users’ studies for a given stock happens.
  • Users can customize and save program configuration (chart type, scale, colors, line width, indicator parameters, active indicators etc.)
  • Option to set and save different colors for individual objects drawn on charts (trendlines, retracement levels, text etc.)
  • Open charts simultaneously of multiple stocks or same stock in multiple time frames in Same Window
  • Configure and save favorite symbols, choose from watchlist or different stock groups for fast and easy access
  • Configure and save timeframe settings that allow for seeing more Intraday data